When it comes to getting to that tough to reach itch there is nothing better than a good cow brush to keep these girls happy. The benefits of having a cow brush handy for your herd are endless. Not only do they take care of the itch, they also help to increase blood circulation which can be a benefit to higher milk yields. They help to brush away parasites and flys keeping the bioload off their skin. They help to remove winter coats, exfoliate their skin and reduce heat stress. And they will keep you barn safe by keeping them from finding harmful places to scratch that itch. At Champlain Dairy Service we offer a great selection of brushes from the top suppliers. Not convinced yet? Check out these happy girls..

future cow solution

FutureCow ComfortBrush is a heavy-duty 48″ rotating, hourglass-shaped brush, perfect for keeping your dairy cows and beef cattle clean, relaxed and comfortable. Comfort Brush also offers an optional hinge for easy cleaning access. Our patent-pending design is the only cow brush manufactured in the U.S.A and our focus is cow comfort.

boumatic solution

The BouMatic Cow Brush will improve your cow’s health and well-being and consequently her productivity. The BouMatic Cow Brush is designed and engineered in such a way, that parasites and other vermin are brushed away from the places the cow isn’t able to reach herself