Check out this short video to see all of the features that make GEA the right choice for your stalls

The choice of your stalls is important for both the well being and comfort of your herd along with maximum efficiency. When it come to the GEA line of stalls we consider all the factors involved. In the design of their cubicles GEA have taken into account the natural movement patterns of the cows and ensured that hygiene measures can be carried out without restriction. Results demonstrate that yields can be increased and consolidated with the use of GEA Farm Technologies cubicles. The mainfeatures include:

  • Space for forward movements: plenty of room at the front enables problem-free movements, in particular when standing up
  • Freedom from barriers: an unobstructed design at the front avoids knocks
  • Animal-friendly guidance: through the use of a brisket board and optimal placement of the neck bar
  • Safety: non-slip area for a secure stance
  • Protection of the joints: a soft surface to lie on, in order to prevent bruising and joint injuries