Intelligent milk management for maximum milk quality and milk safety

ICool is the latest generation of tank control units from GEA, specifically designed to better monitor milk cooling and storage with
more detail, including traceability and warnings if any problems are encountered, ensuring the highest quality milk leaves your farm
on a daily basis.

Easily integrates into conventional or automated milking systems

regardless if you milk by group, in a rotary, or using a
robotic milking system, you can configure your individual cooling
center in just a few simple steps. In addition, you can manage up
to four cooling units with individual cycle control.

Convenient remote access

ICool can be controlled remotely
when connected to the Internet to assist with troubleshooting,
changing parameters, or controlling the hardware.
When the ICool is connected to a computer, the following
functions are available: creating an alarm log, creating a daily log
file, and data transfer from the Control to the CPU