Cooling milk immediately after milking is critical to keep bacteria at bay. Holding your milk temperature between freezing and 40 degrees will allow your milk to maintain its quality until processed for fluid milk or other dairy products. And when you consider that each degree over 45 decreases the shelf life of finished products keeping within the minimum degree guidelines will ensure the best quality and return on your time and labor.. And since each farm can have its own specific needs, we at Champlain Dairy Service offer many solutions that can be tailored to each of our customers. And with our expert installation and service we can keep you in the cool for many years to come…

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Boumatic Solutions

BouMatic’s milk cooling equipment & solutions include a high-quality milk cooler, programmable cooling control units, plate coolers, & more. View our lineup with the link below.

GEA solutions

Milk quality can only be guaranteed when the milk cooling process is efficient and reliable. The refrigeration of milk is essential to maintain its quality, prevent bacterial growth and ensure high quality milk for processing. Whether it is a standard solution for storage of milk or an integrated solution which takes in smart controls, snap chilling, energy saving and heat recovery, GEA has a solution to meet your cooling needs.

Pro solutions

For amost 30 years, Pro’s been leading the charge in instant cooling. The first to provide a packaged chiller system solution specifically for instant cooling milk.