The milking parlor is the heart of every dairy operation. And for over 20 years Champlain Dairy Service has specialized in working with our clients to ensure that you have the right parlor for your operation. Whether you are new to the dairy business or looking for a new upgraded system, our experienced techs can help you with every facet of the job from design, installation and making sure that your system fully complements your cooling and refrigeration equipment also.

Herringbone Parlors
  • Cows stand on elevated platform, usually around a 45-degree angle
  • Back half of cow is visible from milkers pit
  • Can use to help with health evaluations
  • More access to attach from the side
Parallel Milking Parlors
  • Cows stand on elevated platform at 90-degree angle
  • Access is directly to udder between back legs
  • Less walking for operators during milking routine
  • Use of interlocking sequence gates assure each stall is being used
  • Rapid exit has become more popular- less support posts- cows exit faster and with less obstruction
Rotary Milking Parlors
  • The cows come to you which save time and wear and tear on your team.
  • Parlor design maximizes the ease of moving your cows in and out.
  • Parlor speed can be adjusted based on your cows comfort level
  • System can handle 10 cows per minute.
Swing Over Parlors:
  • Steeper angle allows for more cows than other systems.
  • Allows for rear access to the udder between the cows legs.
  • Overhead milk lines make for more efficiency.
  • Great system for farmers with limited space while mimicking a parallel system.
  • Relatively inexpensive to install compared to other systems.
  • Need help figuring our which system is best for your operation? Our techs have a deep knowledge of every system and can help to explain how each system can be tailored to each of our clients needs.
  • Check out the attached videos for a visual on each system.

boumatic Herringbone parlor

herringbone milking parlor

Boumatic 360IX Internal Rotary


boumatric parallel parlor

parrallel milking parlor

gea swing over parlor

swing over parlor 2

Boumatic 360EX External Rotary

rotary milking parlor