Dairy Plan C21 Software

The DairyPlan C21 herd management software is the flexible solution which can be individually adjusted to any size of farm and to your specific demands thanks to its modular design. Here are the advantages at a glance:

  • Central herd management with all animal and production data
  • Management functions for milking, reproduction, feeding and animal health
  • Wide-ranging and individual evaluations and analysis in the form of graphs or tables
  • Seamless integration of custom-made systems for calculation of milk yield

For more information on how the C21 system can make your dairy more efficient check out the link below:

Cow Scout

CowScout reliably tells you when your cows are ready for insemination. Convenient alert functions ensure that you never miss an activity report. A sensor monitors the cow‘s movement at all times. CowScout shows you any periods of high activity for each individual animal and, if you wish, even its live location. This gives you an excellent basis for quick reactions and successful fertility and health management!
For more info and a great video on the Cow Scout System click the link below: