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If you have a dairy farm the one sure thing we know is that you will always have manure. The average dairy cow can produce up to 20+ gallons of manure and urine daily. Even with a small herd this is a lot of manure. And managing this segment is an important task. From collection, to processing, storage and application to land to provide nutrients for your crops, this is a never ending daily chore. We understand this at Champlain Dairy Service and we have teamed with the best companies when it comes to developing the best solutions for our customers. We work with GEA, Mclanahan and Patz to offer you multiple options for your operation.

Gutter Cleaner Systems

GEA has always made its mark by developing efficient and long lasting gutter cleaner systems.

Hydraulic Piston Pumps

The range of hydraulic piston pump models enable efficient, low-energy transfer of manure with or without bedding from a free stall or a tie-stall type of barns.


Electric motor-driven and power take-off agitators designed to deliver outstanding agitation performance.

Horizontal Manure Augers

Horizontal Manure Augers are an important part of a dairy’s manure management system.

PTO Driven Pumps

Power take-off pumps designed to homogenize and transfer manure contained in concrete pits and lagoons.

Electric Pumps

A wide range of motor-driven pumps designed to provide maximum performance, regardless of the pump’s application. Whether you need to feed a flush system or separator, facilitate the transfer of liquids to an irrigation system, or just to empty your reception pit simply and effectively.

Alley Scraper System

Dirty cows have a negative impact on milk quality, including greater chances of mastitis and a high somatic cell count (SCC). But thankfully, managing manure for cow hygiene is more automated than it’s ever been. Automated alley scraper systems have been successfully used on livestock farms for decades to keep freestalls and cows clean. Cows will be cleaner with less disturbance and you should see some reduction in labor costs. There will be some low key maintenance to keep these systems running most efficient.

Liquid manure spreaders

GEA Houle Inc. has designed and manufactured state-of-the-art spreader tanks for many years now. Now sold worldwide, they are recognized for their quality manufacturing, their reliability and durability. Discover the unique features that have made and continue to make
this product a success!