Technology continues to push the dairy industry forward with bigger, better, more automated equipment – yet some old reliables are making a comeback. Manure gutter cleaners have existed for more than 60 years,they have stood the test of time thanks to their reliability, heavy-duty build and ability to adapt to changing farm needs.

GEA Solutions

This type of barn cleaning system is used for tie-stall dairy barns to convey manure from a gutter located behind cows. Running in a closed circuit, the paddles, driven by a chain, scrape the gutter all the way until it gets to the elevator where manure will be piled up outside the barn either on a concrete slab or in a concrete pit.

Patz Solutions

Whether you’re looking for a replacement gutter cleaner for your current barn or installing a gutter cleaner in a new facility, choose Patz for proven performance you can depend on 365 days a year! The Patz Gutter Cleaner is designed to move manure around corners and up inclines. The all-steel slides and one-piece steel flites with wear shoes are engineered to withstand the rugged wear of everyday operation.