Barn Cleaner System For Tie Stall

This type of barn cleaning system is used for tie-stall dairy barns to convey manure from a gutter located behind cows. Running in a closed circuit, the paddles, driven by a chain, scrape the gutter all the way until it gets to the elevator where manure will be piled up outside the barn either on a concrete slab or in a concrete pit.

cross gutter cleaner with cable

The cable cross gutter cleaner consists of a drive unit, gutter wheels, at least one scraper and a cable. This system is designed to pull a scraper inside a cross gutter in order to direct the manure in a reception pit or any other means of storage. The drive unit is equipped with one or two electric motors and speed reducers depending on the cleaning requirements.

cross gutter cleaner with chain

The cross gutter cleaner with chain is a system running in close circuit that convey manure and bedding from a cross gutter, in a free stall barn, to a hydraulic piston pump or a reception pit. To do so, a drive unit, installed at one end on concrete between gutters, drives the chain and the paddles to collect manure in the loaded gutter until it drops in a hydraulic piston pump or reception pit. Then the paddles, which are free of manure, run back in the return gutter.