Matt Nichols

Office Manager

Matt has spent the last 5 years getting to know the ins and outs of the agriculture industry. During his time at Champlain Dairy, Matt can be found managing projects behind the scenes. It is Matts responsibility to ensure that service technicians have the parts necessary to successfully complete installs and repairs at the farm. Organizing orders, maintaining an up to date inventory system and making sure that farmers are adequately supported during business hours is his primary function. 

Matt is passionate about working for a family owned and operated business that has a history of quality relationships with their customers. He says that these relationships make it easy for him to want to get parts quickly and efficiently so that farms are always running at their optimal level. 

Matt embraces the vision of Champlain Dairy which is to provide quality preventative maintenance programs to prevent costly after hour calls to alleviate some of the financial strain local farmers are facing. 

In his downtime, Matt enjoys riding his motorcycle, playing pool, hunting and spending times with his kids.