Michael Legault

Installation and Service Technician

With a total of 23 years in the agriculture industry and 16 years with Champlain Dairy Service, Michael specializes in the plumbing, heating and milking system operations side of the business. While Michael is knowledgeable and experienced in all mechanical systems, Michael takes the most pride in the layout of piping and equipment so that his projects finish in a clean and professional manner.  

Michael has seen, first hand, how dedicated farmers are and understands the long hours that they put into their farms. Michael says that this is what drives him to provide the best service possible to the farms he services. Michael knows, all too well, that what may work for one farmer may not work for another farmer. For that reason, Michael enjoys working closely with farmers to determine what their individual equipment and technology needs may be.  

Michael feels that Champlain Dairy can help alleviate some of the financial strain that farmers are facing. Michael highlights the importance of preventative maintenance and system analysis as key components to this. By putting a preventative maintenance program in place and having routine system analysis, farms will inevitably see fewer urgent service calls and will subsequently have less down time with milking. Not only will farmers see an overall increase in their day to day productivity, farmers will naturally have a higher quality product and a healthier herd when their equipment is operating properly. 

In Michaels downtime, he enjoys hunting, 4-wheeling, camping and attending sporting events with his son, Ethan.