Randy Farrar


In 1996, Randy made the decision to go out on his own and start Champlain Dairy Service after the company that he was working for closed. His wife, Martha Farrar, has always been supportive, he says. Despite the long hours and dirty clothes, she was always there doing her part for the business and their family.  

With a total of 42 years in agriculture, Randy has seen many fluctuations and changes within the industry. Randy feels that recently there has been more stress with the manure management rules and the falling milk prices. That's why Randy feels strongly about helping farmers make decisions that will make a lasting impact on their bottom line. To achieve this, Randy highlights how important it is to brainstorm with the farmer and his team at Champlain Dairy to find logical solutions. While it can be challenging, he says, being able to get creative with regards to problem solving can be exciting. Randy believes that in the end it's rewarding for everyone to see a well thought out plan come together. 

Randy’s passion for Champlain Dairy is driven by watching the farms that he has worked with evolve over the years. Randy has worked with a lot of his farmers for two, sometimes three, generations. While his primary role at Champlain Dairy is now sales, Randy has the utmost confidence in the team he has working for him. He points out that to be successful in this business, you must be able to wear many hats - this, he feels, is true for each member of his team.  

In his downtime, Randy enjoys riding his Harley, racing his car in Canada and deer hunting. Most of all, he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren.