Keewaydin Farm in Stowe

Keewaydin Farm has had the pleasure of dealing with CDS since they started in business. We have dealt with many in the Agri-business community over the years, and CDS people and service are the best of the best.

We are definitely guilty of having a large degree of “brand” loyalty here, but have always advised others, when asked, that service is the primary concern when selecting a company to do business with, much more important than any brand name, especially when it comes to milking equipment. The name Champlain Dairy Service says it all, and they have always lived up to their name in Service. The people there have always demonstrated high integrity, are always pleasant to be around and work with, and willing and able to teach us anything we want to know about their equipment. They are respectful of and willing to work with the women on the farm, are always patient in helping us in whatever way that best suits our needs any day, and at any time of the day or night that we need them, and we never hear a complaint, even when our needs may come at the worst of times for them.

They have always shown the capacity to keep up with the latest technology, while still willing and able to help keep the older equipment working properly. We depend on them in many ways and are confident, based on our years of association with them, that they will not let us down. Keewaydin Farm is home for 150 head of registered Jerseys, including about 90 milking cows. We were honored and humbled to be named the Vermont Dairy Farm of the Year in 2015.

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