Calf Star offers a multitude of pasteurization equipment that can deliver from 3.5 gallons to 30 gallons a minute. From stationary systems to mobile systems that allow you to bucket feed on the go, these systems will save you time, money, and give your calves a healthier start to their lives.

first nurse colustrum pasteurizer

The First Nurse Colostrum Pasteurizer/Warmer pasteurizes colostrum in bags in a water bath.

mini batch colustrum pasteurizer

The Mini Batch Pasteurizer is a batch pasteurizer that will pasteurize both whole milk and colostrum.

colostrum care center

The Colostrum Care Center is a leading-edge colostrum processing center designed to offer complete handling of colostrum

milk taxi

All in one machine: Heats Stores Cools


The Mini Flash has been a staple product for Calf Star for over 15 years, going through many revisions and enhancements.


Calf Star would like to welcome the Compaq Flash to our family of HTST (High Temperature Short Time) pasteurizers.

med frame calf milk pasteurier

Electric Boiler or Gas Boiler Options Small Compact Size (3ft x 5ft footprint) Similar to Large Frame

large fram calf milk pasteurizer

Energy efficient pasteurizing machine Modulating gas boiler Anywhere from 3.5 gallons per minute to 30 gallons per minute