Dirty cows have a negative impact on milk quality, including greater chances of mastitis and a high somatic cell count (SCC). But thankfully, managing manure for cow hygiene is more automated than it’s ever been. Automated alley scraper systems have been successfully used on livestock farms for decades to keep freestalls and cows clean. Cows will be cleaner with less disturbance and you should see some reduction in labor costs. There will be some low key maintenance to keep these systems running most efficient.

GEA Solutions

A free stall cleaner system with cable can be used to clean two, three or four alleys. The same drive unit controls all the scrapers. While one scraper is cleaning one alley, the other is backing up.

Patz Solutions

For concrete alleys or rubber flooring! The IntelliCable® Alley Scraper system automatically clean on a precise schedule, even while you sleep.