Whether you have a small herd or large, keeping track of each animal in today’s busy environment can be challenging and overwhelming. With so many factors from milking production, which can include the monitoring of pulsation, meters, detachers, sort gates, and more, maximizing the efficiency of your farm and your employees can be a much easier process through today’s technology. This can also include eating habits, activity levels heat detection, and even fertility management. Champlain Dairy Service is proud to partner with GEA and Boumatic in this fast-emerging segment of farm management.


Information is everything, but for effective herd management, the challenge is how to analyze all the available data profitably in order to make sound decisions. GEA gives you the equipment you need. Ever since the arrival of modern digital and sensor-based technologies in agriculture, GEA has been developing powerful tools that help you keep track of your cows’ welfare as well as the efficiency of your operation. A good herd management system gathers not only as much information on milk production as possible, but also combines and interprets it at crucial moments. Let GEA’s digital expertise make it easier for you to manage your herd and production processes.


At BouMatic we know that you want to be a profitable dairyman. In order to do that, you need an efficient way to run your dairy. We know this can be challenging because in farming there are many factors you can’t always control. This can make you feel stressed and frustrated.
We believe you shouldn’t have to struggle to get proper data. We understand you care about and you want to get the best for your milk yields & cow health, which is why our experts with decades of experience and our advanced software systems can help to simplify the process and save you time.