Smart Dairy

In the milking parlor, SmartDairy manages pulsation, meters and detachers so dairy managers can evaluate cows, milk production and employee efficiency. For efficient cow traffic flow, SmartDairy controls sort gates, and monitors stall operations which includes entrance and exit gates. Cow health and comfort are managed through specialized hoof care and feeding systems.
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Real Time Activity

Much more than activity. BouMatic RealTime Health Monitoring Solution allows you to know your cows’ activity, feeding, ruminating, walking and laying down behaviors. Keep track of each cow whether they are in the barn or in the field and be able to access the info from anywhere, even your smartphone.
A health snapshot of your cows on time, anytime.
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HerdMetrix, as part of SmartDairy, provides you with the total-cow picture you need to make fast and effective management decisions. HerdMetrix interfaces with all major parlor management software programs, ensuring herd data is available whenever you need it.
SmartDairy® HerdMetrix™ will help you make the right management decision – quickly and efficiently.
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