Having the proper feed for your calves is critical in those first hours and days of their life and can determine the ongoing health of your calves. What to feed, how to feed and how much time is involved is quite a task. Whether you are feeding a pasteurized raw milk or colostrum, you need the proper equipment to make the job easier. From stationary systems to feeders on wheels we have a great selection of products for our customers to save you time and money. When calving season comes it is critical to get these newborns their first meal of colostrum to get them off to a good start. We offer a variety of solutions from the leaders in the calf care industry like Calf Star and GEA.


Calf Star offers a multitude of pasteurization equipment that can deliver from 3.5 gallons to 30 gallons a minute. From stationary systems to mobile systems that allow you to bucket feed on the go, these systems will save you time, money, and give your calves a healthier start to their lives.


GEA automated calf feeders are computerized, giving you targeted control over all relevant data and enabling you to optimize daily nutrition for your calves from the day they are born.