boumatic touchpoint


TouchPoint is the SmartDairy in-parlor display and keypad for controlling milking and management procedures at each stall point. Some of the advantages are listed below:

Built for the harsh dairy environment. Cover constructed of super-durable engineered resin. The same material used in the construction of legendary Flo-Star® MAX milking claws from BouMatic. Sealed to be rated to withstand high spray wash to meet IP69 standards.

You can rely on a large high contrast LCD display for the milking information such as milk deviation, flow rate, cow ID, activity, conductivity and more. Meanwhile highly visible Color LED will provide status on processes and alarm.

The TouchPoint comes with 4 function keys, offering easy, time saving shortcuts for daily operations such as wash mode and changing cow numbers.



For dairy operators who want their milking crew to concentrate on quality milking procedures ViewPoint is ideal – a simplified milker interface with a single remote start button and single LED. When limited time is available to access data at each stall point, ViewPoint offers a milker interface for the entire milking facility, through one or more optional touch screens placed in the parlor. The ViewPoint Touch Screen can be programmed to provide information needed for the entire parlor, plus vital individual cow data can also be accessed at the touch screen. Use this link to find out more about the advantages of Viewpoint

ami 5550

AMI 5550 TM

New BouMatic generation of detacher, capitalize on your future. The 5550 Milk Yield Indicator is the crossroad where great ergonomics meets ultimate efficiency. This purebred BouMatic detacher has been developed to be the best in class in the dairy industry. Available for new parlor or to upgrade your existing system, it offers you the opportunity to go to the next level.



The choice is yours:
Standalone unit or network integration – All control units are networked and exchange data. When needed, input boxes can be connected to the network. With a PC connected to the network, the complete parlor can be set at once without extra tools. Once information is entered in the network, it is shared with all the other components. Connecting switches (safety, gates, vacuum, etc…) is safe and simple.
You choose.
Use this link for more information and a great video on the Smartlite System.

smart meter

Smart Control Meter

Control Meter measures and collects individual cow milk production information and delivers it to your herd management software via the SmartDairy Controller. Real time direct data output and control is provided through TouchPoint or ViewPoint controls. Available as a Stand- alone unit and in Groups or Banks.