GQ Liners

Superior milking performance with a superior liner life – GEA GQ liners promote gentle milk harvest with shorter unit on-times to help you get cows in and out of the parlor faster for the ultimate in efficiency.

ClassicPro GQ Liners

ClassicPro GQ is the name of the unique new silicone
liner from GEA for the Classic 300 milking cluster.
Benefit from the well thought-out, new design –
because the round liner is square inside

IQ Pro Silicone Liner

IQPro – unique and just for your IQ cluster! You will
quickly benefit from the well thought-out functions and
the IQPro’s optimum material properties

IQ Milking Claw

IQ’s revolutionary four-way technology ensures that you always have maximum milk quality, quantity and udder health. Using it is incomparably easy! Easier attaching, milking and maintenance.

Classis 300 Claw

The Classic 300 and Classic 300E milking clusters make milking both gentler and more efficient. Their modular design means that they can be adapted flexibly and easily to changing conditions.

The FutureCow® Prep System

The FutureCow® Prep System from GEA accomplishes multiple pre-milking procedures in one easy step. The system features a mechanical brush unit that gently washes, disinfects, stimulates and dries all in one visit to the cow.