Koolway Coolers

Koolway milk tanks are of the highest quality and are the most dependable in the milk cooling industry.

Koolway Chillers

GEA offers a complete line of packaged and remote air-cooled chillers,

KoolWay® Cabinet Chillers

These smaller systems are designed for use with remote-mounted condensing units to offer flexibility in installation and with available power supplies.

KoolWay® Classic Chillers

Ideal when you need to add capacity to any existing chiller system

KoolWay® Water-Cooled Chillers

Pre-charged and pre-run at the factor – ready to performa!

KoolWay® Remote Air-Cooled Chillers

Get installation flexibility, efficiency and dependability

KoolWay® Packaged Air-Cooled Chillers

Total packaged system for ease of installation and start up