articulated agi-pompe

The concept of the articulated pumps offered by GEA is to have the pump attached to the tractor with a solid 3-point hitch and two hydraulic controlled articulations allowing positioning the pump into a lagoon or a concrete pit.

lagoon agi-pomps

These heavy-duty pumps will rapidly homogenize liquid manure in lagoons.

lagoon agi-pompe with 10”

GEA ProManure E2343 is a high volume, long-lasting, lagoon pump with field proven heavy-duty propeller for increased agitation efficiency. Designed for the rigors of today’s operators, the E2343 is user-friendly, easy to operate, and designed with years of experience in the manure industry.

lagoon super pompe

The Lagoon Super Pump offered by GEA will provide a high level of performance.

loading pipe on tripod

Aluminum loading pipe easy to set up. An economic solution to transfer manure from concrete pit.

loading pipe on wheels

The diameter of the loading pipe on wheels is designed with a tapered section on the upper part of the pipe from 8″ (200 mm) to 10″ (250 mm).

maxi pompe

High capacity centrifugal pump transferring water, hog slurry or very liquid manure, from different kinds of storage. The Maxi-Pump provides maximum pumping head and comes with different features to make manure management easier.

vertical agi pompe

The Agi-Pompe, with its high quality impeller and propeller offers outstanding performance and a long life span.

wired and wireless remote controls

A GEA exclusive solution to make a manure transfer system simple and easy to operate