Jenna LeGault


I grew up in Ellenburg NY on a small family farm of registered Ayrshire and Holsteins. Growing up I loved to show cows, and play basketball and softball. I was able to continue these passions all through out high school and at both Clinton Community College and Suny Cobleskill. I graduated with a bachelors in Dairy Science in 2009. I was fortunate to intern and work for Miner Institute right out of college. I then dabbled in the poultry business for a couple years before returning to my roots. I was the herdsman on a large dairy farm for 6 years, where I was able to work with cows every day and learn many valuable life and business lessons from my boss. One of the biggest blessings to come out of this job was finding my soulmate. I was able to work along side Mike around the farm, whether he was there fixing the equipment or giving me directions over the phone. We both love the dairy industry, respect the hours put in and meeting all the great people on every farm. I was excited to move across the lake 3 years ago and take a position with his company. Although I do miss being with the cows, I strive to help the farmers as much as I can within our business. I am in charge of all the receiving and billing and other office tasks. I also take care of the preventative maintenance program, keeping records of when we have been there, calling to get them scheduled, pulling parts, and then uploading and analyzing the pulsation graphs to make sure they all are within range. More recently I have been focusing on the realtime activity systems, staying engaged and communicating back to the farms to make sure they are running to their highest potential. I love spending time with my family, whether we are home, outside, at sporting events or the fair showing our cows!

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