Sean St. Cyr


Sean has been with Champlain Dairy Service since he was 22 years old and nearly 20 years has passed. While Sean is skilled in other areas and says he enjoys the many other hats that he wears at Champlain Dairy, taking the lead on installation, troubleshooting and repair of electrical issues is where Sean feels most confident. The farmers that Sean interacts with, on a daily basis, are the reason that he is passionate about what he does. Sean says he is fueled by providing high levels of service to the farmers that he knows are putting 100% into their farms.  Sean emphasizes that he doesn’t just work for Champlain Dairy Service – he feels just as committed to working for the farmers. If Sean had the chance to rewind the last 20 years, he would do it all over again without hesitation. He would categorize the knowledge that he has obtained thus far to be priceless and hopes to continue to learn for the next couple decades to come.

In his downtime, Sean enjoys golfing, snowmobiling, biking and enjoying a beer or three with his friends.

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